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An introduction to clean and accessible energy

Adriana and Karina

Nov 30, 2020

We learned how energy is shared in an ecosystem (such as with the food chain) and in what way humans are also part of the web.

With students ages 5 - 7 we explored Global Goal 7: Clean and Affordable Energy, from the perspective of Indicator 7.1: Guarantee universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services.

For a week we explored what energy is through the changes it makes in the world. We performed several experiments to see that energy can manifest itself not only in motion or speed, but in many other ways, such as sounds, sensations, colors, or electricity. We learned that everything has energy, even if we cannot see it with our eyes.

Through planned crafts and games, which the students played an active role in innovating them to make them more fun, we learned how energy is shared in an ecosystem (such as with the food chain) and in what way humans are also part of the web. We brainstormed systems that allow energy to continue flowing through the world in a circular way; for example, when we plant, share, and recycle.

By the end of the week we were ready to learn how humans have used the world's energy for their houses and cities. After having seen the relationship between energy and the flow of life, we imagined what the energy sources of the future could be like. We all dreamed of wonderful ideas, such as using waste, wind, or music as sources of light and fuel.

In this way, we had an introduction to clean and accessible energy not only as a technology issue, but as a vital part of our relationship with all beings in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for participating!


"We never imagined that a subject as complex as energy in its various manifestations could be explored with children at such an early age. The playful and experiential way as it is approached by regenÜrate manages to motivate them, favoring their attention and learning".

Clara - Mother of Colombia

"Through a story and its beautiful character we were submerged into the big adventure of exploring energy and leaving our piece of sand to take care of our surroundings and be more conscious on how to take advantage of what earth provides. In this class we realized that everything is connected with earth, our bodies, our actions… our minds. I’m grateful for all learned and shared, and we expect to live again this experience as we did in this course with experiments, songs, conversations, dialogue and a lot of art! We hope to share and learn with you." Thanks!!!

Ginna and Marianne (mother and daughter) - Colombia

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