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Learning to Fly

Karen, Adriana, y Diego Sandoval

May 3, 2021

Together we discovered that if bess can do art, science, explore and play, then so can we, regardless of the gender we identify with.

With students ages 5 to 7 years we explored Global Goal 5 Gender Equality and target 5.1 "End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere".

Our adventure included celebrating the diversity of families, recognizing our rights to express emotions, training our scientific curiosity without distinction of gender, and discussing why our bodies are sacred temples that deserve respect.

We embarked on this regenerative experience, with Pegui the bee! She taught us magical sayings to process emotions, because although we sometimes feel anger, we must be cautious in the way we express it so as not to hurt ourselves and others. She also showed us many of the wonders of bees (like building honeycombs, turning pollen into honey and wax, even adding and subtracting!). Together we discovered that if bess can do art, science, explore and play, then so can we, regardless of the gender we identify with.

We learned a lot from other animals and plants! For example, we explored how they guide their forces to collaborate in equality, how they come together to form diverse families that treat each other with love, care, respect, and patience. We investigated how they take care of their bodies, what defense mechanisms they have, and how they identify risky situations to act together and defend themselves.

Everything we learned about the lives of other beings we use to learn about ourselves and human societies. We inquired about the movements of liberations that our ancestors led which allows us today to be freer to express ourselves. To honor this historic effort, each day we created a space to express our wishes, reflections, dreams, stories, and inventions. Thank you all for participating!


Learning process

At the beginning

Of the students were motivated by equality issues.

At the end

Of the students expressed motivation to carry out concrete actions in the fight for gender equality!

Emotional intelligence

At the end

Students expressed their empathy towards the feelings of others, towards diverse experiences and the fight for equality.

Life skills

At the end

Of the students created and innovated elements and characters to help a world in the regeneration of the genre.


"I think it is an excellent training exercise, from these young ages children must be taught to have an open mind free of taboos and limiting beliefs."

—Manuela's Mother, Age 6 years, Colombia

"Honestly it was very good how they handled the classes, my son found it interesting since he did not want to miss any class and that is important that they get out of the routine but continue learning."

—Ricardo's Mother, Age 6 years, México D.F

"Thank you for joining me this week with Pegui the bee , I hope you will invite us again."

—Manuela, Age 6 years, Bogotá, Colombia

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