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Diversity is abundance!

John, Antony, y Liza

Nov 30, 2020

The students were able to share concerns and initiatives to achieve equality in the world we inhabit.

With students ages 15 to 18 years we focused our adventure on two targets of Global Goal 5. Gender Equality: 5.3 "Eliminate forced marriages and genital mutilation" and 5.6 "Guarantee universal access to reproductive health and rights". Some of the issues we addressed were stereotypes as generators of gender prejudice; the interference that stereotypes have in the market; self-awareness to live with diversity; the different types of violence including, physical violence; freedom to take decisions on our bodies, our lives, and consent.

The students were able to share personal experiences, reflections, data about their own countries and cities, as well as concerns and initiatives to achieve equality in the world we inhabit. We were grateful for a session full of empathy, critical thinking, and with a great drive to give life to our environments.

Our Missions are accompanied by animal & plant life characters, which allow us to look at other environments that are also part of the world we all live in. On this occasion, Bou and Lire (a clown fish and a seahorse) that represent the diversity of marine life, prompted students to think about how maritime ecosystems are affected by human uses and customs.

The learning missions with which we lived an adventure covered different topics on gender equality, forced marriage and genital mutilation. The students got involved with various regenerative actions:

  • Organize department stores without dividing themselves between "men and women", but simply present the products they offer regardless of gender.

  • Design an application to meet new people who share common causes of acting with emotional responsibility, respect, and consent.

  • Offer a workshop on the various feminist approaches, as they considered that in this way they could raise awareness of many practices to end abuse and gender violence.

  • The majority of students (60%) drafted a law proposal so that forced marriages are eliminated in the world and that this law can be monitored in its execution.

It was a fulfilling experience for the whole team to hear the personal experiences and diverse opinions of students, which together allowed to enrich the knowledge of the proposed topics. 100% of the participants expressed their excitement, willingness and desire to be part of more Trainings in the future! Dynamic education on gender equality invited students to formulate deeper proposals and increase their motivation to act on what they learn.


Learning proccess

Knowledge of social and personal consequences of stereotypes increased each day of training.

At the end

Of the students recognized the consequences and proposed ways of transformation.

Life skills

At the end

Of the students expressed that the training sharpened their critical skills and motivated them to do extra activities to increase it even more.

Emotional intelligence

At the end

Of the students managed to identify the importance of expressing their emotions. All the participants also evidenced the importance of psychological health and how stereotypes can affect it.


"It was a divine experience! I love learning and I am very grateful for having learned about something as important as gender equality since, in addition to learning, I can fight for myself and for those who have no voice."

—Denisha, 15 years, Panamá

"Super interesting and fun! I felt very comfortable expressing myself and the activities caught my attention.""

—Anabel, 17 years, Ecuador

"This experience was wonderful and I learned many things! Enriched my criteria.

—Oscar, 14 years, Venezuela

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