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Sep 10, 2020

Education is a right. To educate is to train.


Why are we introducing a subject into school called “Regeneration” by developing curriculum for ages 6 -18 based on the Global Goals?

Education is a right. To educate is to train. We embarked on this mission out of gratitude for the rising generation, teachers, parents, and beings of planet Earth.

To the teachers:

Thank you for taking on the immense task of guiding each student to identify their own powers by groundbreaking, crafting, refining, and perfecting everyday. ​ Thank you for working relentlessly around the clock studying different themes to provide a diverse knowledge base to your students. ​ Thank you for finding the balance between student interest, parent concerns, administrator’s expectations, and the infinite other roles you partake. Breathe easier as we take some weight off of your to-do lists. We have done the heavy lifting of diving deep into global education standards to create an aggregate profile of students standards, neurological development, physiological growth, and innovative teaching methods from around the globe. Our services are designed to provide you with the know-how you need to guide the students in regenerative training. We promise that our classes will be a combination of joy and knowledge for you and your students.

To the rising generation:

It is the responsibility of us, the older generations, to train the younger generation on the reality they are inheriting. Thank you for coming to planet Earth to birth a new order of being. Thank you for evaluating, studying and innovating to perfect the ever evolving ways of living. Thank you for your lenses of curiosity and joy that add spice, the essence of life. Our promise to students is to craft lesson plans around adversities of the Global Goals and invite them to identify how that adversity is connected to their life. The activities are all uniquely designed for students to expand their toolboxes and comfort zones via experiencing diverse methods of learning. Our pillar of inclusivity is designed to allow for each student to find their place of belonging in this interconnected webs.


To the caregivers:

Thank you to the parents who bir

th beings of light in charge of cosmic missions. Thank you for balancing your different roles as family members, caretakers, citizens, employers, among others! Thank you for trusting us to be a partner in the development of your children! We respect the amount of work it takes to be a parent, in addition to your other responsibilities. That is why our lesson plans have the compounded effects of creating space to share new experiences with your children. Our practical learning approach includes children building rainwater catchment systems and innovating renewable energy apparatuses for their households. Our reality based educational services are a commitment to arm the students with diverse knowledge that they can use to create opportunities for themselves around the Global Goals.

To the beings of the planet that make Earth unique:

Thank you water, fire, earth, air and space for working together to provide endless scenery to what we call home.

Thank you beings in between the core of the earth and the blue skies that work relentlessly to maintain the order of the Kingdoms.

Thank you to the chlorophyll that works around the clock with no breaks or holidays to provide oxygen for the world to breathe.

We use the complex interconnected systems of the planet for students to approach actions in a transdisciplinary manner to explore how to transform global adversities into micro-actions including detoxify water ways, regenerate degraded ecosystems, and restore habitats.

We arm students with tools to innovate and diversify our usage of resources that transform vicious cycles into virtuous ones, that are abundant for all.

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