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The metamorphosis of life

Ignacio Steffens, Angie L. Salazar y Andrea L. Montenegro

Aug 11, 2021

By crafting butterflies, they were able to discover that each member was a vital being in the world.

During the V Global Training in Regeneration we worked for Global Goal 3: Health and Well-being, with an emphasis on sexual education. We delved into several topics that allowed us to see what changes the body has when it transits from childhood to adolescence, how menstruation and pregnancy are wonderful stages that generate life. We also explored the risks and care that should be taken in each context to put an end to child sexual abuse. Each student proposed actions, worked as a team, explored with each of their senses, and connected with global and local realities around sexuality.

During the training, we met Marina, the butterfly, who showed us how the transformations that occur at each stage of growth renew her vitality and allow her to take flight with freedom. Each participant proposed regenerative actions and commitments to care for their life and the lives of others; this will be part of social action and regeneration. All students were able to recognize that no one can harm their bodies or deprive them of their power of decision, that each stage of life allows each being to have enough experience to live with autonomy, joy, and responsibility.

The creativity, the games, the proposals, the dialogues, and the different productions revealed a transformation in the life of the students. Each activity and Mission allowed the generation of a unique experience that will accompany them throughout their lives. By crafting butterflies, they were able to discover that each member was a vital being in the world.

We thank those who were part of this regenerative adventure! We hope to meet again soon to continue joining forces for the regeneration of the world!

Learning process

At the beginning

Stated that the changes they were going to present in their bodies could sometimes generate anxiety and fear

At the end

Considered that in order to value and accept these changes they must love their bodies and respect other people's bodies

Life skills

At the beginning

Considered that alerting the police or telling their parents was enough to stop someone from harming them, not to mention actions they could do on their own to prevent it.

At the end

Expressed that they should avoid talking to strangers, be careful about publishing photos or personal data in social networks.

Recognized that they could explain the risk of social networks to avoid abuse on the web.

Emotional intelligence

At the end

Affirmed that the attitude that should be taken to contribute to the care of a new life in gestation is to collaborate by providing an optimal and calm space.


"The appearance of the person does not matter, what matters is what the person feels, what is inside."

—Sebastián, 9 years old, student from Colombia

"IRemember, caring is not overdoing it."

—Paola, 10 years old, student from Colombia

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